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My connection with the TOCOCKs is that my children's great-grandmother was Alice TOCOCK. She married Francis LAWRENCE, her second husband, at Thatcham, Berkshire in 1901 and they were the grandparents of my ex-husband Francis Colin LAWRENCE. When our first son, John Francis Frederick LAWRENCE was born in 1976 my cousin Sheila Rubery, who lives in Canada, sent me a "Baby Album". One of the pages was a beautifully drawn Family Tree with spaces for the baby's ancestors back to his great-grandparents. As both Francis and I were born to parents who were all aged over 40, neither of us had known all our grandparents. Therefore I started asking questions to fill in the gaps - and somehow I've never stopped since!

My parents-in-law had a lot of information and photographs of Alice's family, including one of her father, Thomas TOCOCK, who was a hunt servant. As I had worked as a groom to the amatuer whip of the Garth & South Berks Hunt before my marriage to Francis in 1975, my interest was immediately captured. In 1980 I registered the TOCOCK One-Name Study and although my connection is by marriage only (and a severed one at that!) I am still interested in the research.

I have three TOCOCK Trees, which so far I haven't managed to connect up - two are in Hartley Wintney in the 19th century, the third, where the spelling has stablised at TWOCOCK, left Hampshire in the early 1700s to become established as a dynasty of Thames Watermen in London. As I have only just registered this domain, this is very early days for this website, but you can see these three trees on it by using the links below.

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TOCOCK Tree One This branch is one of the two trees based in the northern part of Hampshire. My children's great-grandmother, Alice TOCOCK, is on this tree.

TOCOCK Tree Two This is the second of the two trees based in the northern part of Hampshire.

The TWOCOCK Family of London, Watermen The TWOCOCK Family of London, Watermen. This Tree has its definite origins with John, a Waterman, who had two sons baptised at Westminster St Clement Dane. The first, John in 1740/1 was buried there in 1743. Then came Robert in 1745 who is the ancestor of all those called TWOCOCK today. However, I believe that he too has his roots in Hampshire, although this time on the south coast. There was a Robert baptised at Hambledon in 1649 who had a son John baptised at Fareham in 1684. He married twice, but I have yet to find any baptisms for him. My theory is that John was his son.

I hope to be able to add more that I know about the families to this website soon. If you can add or correct anything please click here to email me: Polly Rubery.

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