Privacy issues:
The dates and places of events concerning living people on these trees are only identified in general terms to protect their privacy. For English births etc this consists of the year and district of the registration, information which is freely available in the public domain. For births etc in other countries the year and country (or State in the case of the USA) is all that is given. As the trees are displayed as image files and not in text form they cannot be searched and indexed for names adding a further level of privacy.

Downloading problems:
The trees on this site are composed of image (gif) files. If your browser has automatic image file download disabled you will need to click on the icon to call down the files. Some of them are large and may take some time to download. Most of the trees are split into smaller files to ease downloading and navigation, but in order for these to display correctly then your browser must support tables. If you are still have problems then this maybe because you are not using the latest version of browser. Older browsers will not recognise the client side image maps used to link the trees together either.

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Excel Viewer:
For those having problems opening Excel files, either of trees or data, if you do not have Excel on your computer you can download a free Viewer which will allow you to open and print the files but not to edit them in any way. There are three versions of the Viewer available, please ensure you download and install the correct one:

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If you are using Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 then you can either click here to download Excel Viewer 2003. Note that this will NOT open Excel2007 files, but it is recommended for viewing the TONS Tree files as these are XLS files, and it is only a 10MB download, whereas the Excel Viewer 2007 download is much larger.

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